Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Agriculture Nutrition & Sewing Camps Update

By Hope Thomas, UVICES Summer Intern under the direction of DaraMonifah Cooper, UVICES Communications Agent

Agriculture Camp

                At the Agricultural Enrichment Summer Camp, the students so far, have learned many things including learned the proper techniques for tilling soil and they even got to till the soil themselves. They went to some farms in Bordeaux and got to see the harvesting process as well as the water shed effect. On their trip to the farms they were also learning about proper irrigation skills. Now, the campers are getting to put those skills to the test. Though they are getting to learn these things, I’m sure they are having more fun getting to do the different activities themselves.

Nutrition Camp

Doesn’t making whole wheat bread and banana bread sound like fun? Well here at the Nutrition camp they get to do that. They make all types of tasty meals. From stuffed peppers to carrot cake, this camp sounds like their stomachs are having a blast. These campers made chicken alfredo but made it healthier by using whole wheat pasta and vegetables. They also used less heavy creams.  I’m sure that these campers are having fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to taste these delicious meals they are making?


Sewing Camp

At this camp youth are learning how to make their own clothes and accessories. Boxer shorts, shorts with zippers, small purses, and beach bags. They are sure not going to be spending a lot of money now that they know how to make their own clothing. I would sure like to know how to do this so I can look fabulous just like these youth. They are doing different things and they all have different styles but whatever they make I’m sure that they will be looking like models. 

Listen in now to hear from and about some of the staff at the UVI Cooperative Extension Service including those working with the Summer Youth Camps on the full radio show that took place on 7/13/2016. UVICES youth camps include Agriculture Enrichment, Sewing, Nutrition and Cooking. For more info visit: | PHOTOS

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