Thursday, 13 April 2017

April 12 Radio Show | LitFest, Summer Camps, 4-H Experience

What’s Going on @UVICES Weekly Radio Program | 3pm April 12, 2017
Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and outdoorImage may contain: 3 people, people sitting and outdoor "Your trusted source for reliable information backed by eXperts." 3-4pm Today on What’s Going on @UVICES? LitFest, Summer Camps, 4-H & More
A weekly radio program on WUVI hosted by UVI Extension Staff DaraMonifah Cooper sharing information or lively interviews with UVICES Community Partners, Stakeholders, Administrators, Staff or Current and Past Clients as they share experiences and examples of how we all work together in responding to the needs of the community. For more info or to watch the live video stream of the radio program visit:

ON TODAY’S SHOW: 1. UVI Research Day took place Friday 9am-3pm on both campuses. For details visit 2. USVI Literary Festival & Book Bacchanal | UPDATES | For details visit 3. CES Summer Youth Programs: Sewing, Nutrition, Ag Enrichment 4. 4-H Enrichment at Camp Umoja (Mandahl Bay) with VI Montessori School Cultural Enrichment | PHOTOS
1. UVI Research Day took place Friday 9am-3pm on both campuses | CES Communications Roundtable facilitated by DaraMonifah Cooper.

“Using Facebook Effectively: A Digital Drum Call”DaraMonifah Cooper, New Media SpecialistUVI Research Day 2017 Abstract Submission

Friday, April 7, 2017 between 1:15-2:00 p.m. UVI Research Day, St. Thomas Campus Sports & Fitness Center
This round table examines social media platform habits, multi-media technology and the vital role these vehicles will play in converting the current use of advertising media in the Virgin Islands. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate how new media technology behaviors affect effective communication and advertising methods. The discussion will also include the methods in which social media and related technology are effecting change based on the current ways people learn and share information.
To achieve this goal, multimedia elements such as video, infographics and text are used. I will be using research-based experiences throughout my role as a UVI Cooperative Extension Agent over the past thirteen years with CES and my experiences over the past years with WUVI, from volunteer to now being it's Station Manager, as well as training experienced in the New Media Journalism Masters program at Full Sail University over the past two years.
The goal is to create a powerful media network by providing evidence that a thoughtful collaborative effort of creating a viable communication network is needed at the University and throughout the Virgin Islands/Caribbean/Global community.
2. USVI Literary Festival & Book Bacchanal | UPDATES | For details visit 3. CES Summer Youth Programs: Sewing, Nutrition, Ag Enrichment 4. 4-H Enrichment at Camp Umoja (Mandahl Bay) with VI Montessori School Cultural Enrichment | PHOTOS Students enjoyed a field trip to Camp Umoja which is an agricultural and environmental science educational campsite managed by Anna Wallace-Francis and Justin Francs in Mandahl Bay. Students learned about the UVICES 4-H program as well as a variety of cultural and nature preservation experiences from reusing cups (recycling), to washing their hands over plants (water conservation), to creating their own games and activities (practical natural resource use), making music on African drums to learn cooperation, listening skills and reinforce respect of one person talking at a time. They even learned to wash, peel and dice their own sweet potatoes right from the ground around them which they later ate as French fries. One student also picked a green tamarind which led to a discussion and inference about what it could possibly be used for since it was green (diarrhea). Here was a collaborative example of what happens when you put together the minds of Extension staff, assistants and clients.
More pics from THE EXPERIENCE!
1. Intermediate Computer March 16th – April 21st | Thurs/Fri 1-3pm 2. Batik Classes January – May | Mon/Tues Mornings 3. Sewing Classes January – May | Wed/Thurs Mornings
LAST WEEK UVI Research Day 2017 Program Booklet | Press Release | Flyer Abstracts: STT campus | STX campus
· CES Summer Youth Programs: Sewing, Nutrition, Ag Enrichment All held at the UVI Cooperative Extension Service’s (“New House”) Building -Nutrition (mornings) & Sewing (afternoons) June 26 - 6 July 14, 2017 Contact: Dr. Caryl Johnson at 340-693-1082 or Email -Ag Enrichment June 26 – July 21, 2017 Contact: Dr. Louis E. Petersen, Jr. at 340-693-1083 or Email:
· AgDiscovery Summer Youth Camp 2017 || FLYER || INFO || BROCHURE The annual AgDiscovery program is a summer youth camp that will take place for the second year at the University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen St. Croix campus. AgDiscovery is an outreach program that helps middle through high school aged students explore careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, agribusiness, plant pathology, aquaculture, and much more. This 2-4 week program allows participants to live on a college campus and learn about agricultural science from university professors, practicing veterinarians, industry representatives, and professionals working for the U.S. government. Students who participate in AgDiscovery gain experience through hands-on labs, workshops, field trips and other group and team building activities. For the 1st time, out of over 20 other Universities, UVI is featured on the booklet cover with a photo of a student from the USVI who is studying abroad. This booklet is used by all of the Universities. For additional information and to register please contact the University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Service - Dr. Louis Petersen at (340) 693-1083, email (St. Thomas).
DaraMonifah Cooper, M.A. New Media Specialist University of the Virgin Islands Cooperative Extension Service 340.693.1081 "Responding to the Needs of the Community" in the areas of Agriculture & Natural Resources, 4-H/Family & Consumer Sciences and Communications, Technology & Distance Education! Email to share a testimony on Dara’s service! eXtending Knowledge; Changing Lives! Connect with us online: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | SOUNDCLOUD

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Batik Class to Have Exhibit

UVI Cooperative Extension Service
& Gallery St. Thomas
“Wax On Wax Off”A group of artists from the community
who design & make affordable batik items at UVICES
Where: Gallery St. Thomas
5143 Palm Passage, Suite 13Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas When: Friday, January 20,2017
5 p.m.—8 p.m.

Come out and support local artists!

For more information contact:
Caryl Johnson
Call: 340-693-1082   |  Email:

On Friday, January 20, 2017, some members of the UVICES batik classes will be showing and selling their work at the Gallery St. Thomas in Palm Passage on January 20, 2017 between 5 – 7 p.m.  Students are very excited to show their work in this gallery.  It will be a batik only show and this is the first time that this gallery has had a batik show. Check out the gallery’s web page at for more information.

The batik students will also be showing their work on Feb. 4, 2017 at the art walk which will be held down town.

"It's the highlight of my day! It's very rewarding seeing the clients express themselves and progress," Dr. Caryl Johnson, UVICES Extension Supervisor, 4-H/Family & Consumer Science.

Twenty-three happy clients left the University of the Virgin Islands after a cheerful closing program on Friday, May 6, 2016. Having shared their final products from attending our UVICES Sewing and Batik classes, many stories and friendships have paved the way for new entrepreneurial ventures.

The classes started out with ten students each, which is the maximum number of possible students due to limited space in the CES New House building classroom and sewing lab. The rooms are also shared by other CES staff and used cooperatively for computer classes, summer youth programs and staff of community meetings.

In sewing, clients learned basic garment construction, how to use a commercial pattern or they are taught how to make their own pattern. The batik class clients learn how to do basic batik design and application with the advanced class learning how to refine their batiking and get out of the concept of painting.
Classes focus on building entrepreneurial skills, they've also had the opportunity to display and sell their work in the community. They've had booths at both the St. Thomas - St. John Agriculture and Food Fair as well as the Bordeaux Farmers Rastafari and Vegan Food Fair. Several of the clients also have work displayed in different stores on Main Street in the Charlotte Amalie historic district.

For more information contact:
Caryl Johnson